500WFiber laser precision welding head

500WFiber laser precision welding head

Product introduction:Main applications: welding metal sheet: stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals.
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      Product parameters:

         1.500W fiber laser precision welding head technical parameters

        2.Incident light wavelength: 355 nm, 532 nm, 1030 to 1090 nm, 10.6 m

        3.Maximum laser power: 500W

        4.Lens diameter: Φ20mm

        5.Maximum aperture: Φ16mm

        6.Collimation focal length: optional (f50, f75)

        7.Focusing focal length: optional (f50, f75, f100)

        8.Cooling method: collimator water cooling

        9.Vertical focusing range: +2.5 / -3.5 mm

        10.Horizontal centering adjustment: ± 1.0 mm

        11.External interface: with QBH connector; optional (IPG, GSI, SPI fiber rod)

        12.Coaxial blowing: Φ6 tracheal structure

        13.Maximum welding pressure: 2.5 MPa

        14.Cutting nozzle aperture: optional (0.3mm ~ 1.0mm)

        15.Operating Temperature: 5 ~ 55 ° C

        16.Storage temperature: -25 ~ +55 ° C

        17.Humidity: 30% to 95%

        18.Focusing spot: the smallest up to Φ15μm&l